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Thursday, October 26, 2006

response to "Conducting an In-Depth Interview"

much of what was discussed in the article seemed like it would be appropriate for us to follow within second life. for example, having an interview guide that outlines the questions we intend to ask subjects. it is important to have said guide so that even if the subjects goes off-topic, we can follow their tangent and then go back and hit the other outlined topics of interest.
i feel as though it may be difficult to pay attention to other things that a subject does, aside from what they say. i believe it is relevant to take note of how he or she looks and if there is anything unusual that sticks out about them but there will be some things you can't see. it will be impossible to judge normal reactions like facial expressions or sighs, the small things that often add so much to a subjects response. unless the subject just up and walks away, not many other actions are possible to record. subjects may take advantage of the "gestures" but i really dont feel as though many people use the gestures when they type... especailly if they know this is for a student project.
i think that the "verifying" step will be some what null and void for us. there is no way to make sure that the subjects are actually telling the truth. we can't ask for information that we could research and then cross reference with what they told us. other than that, the rest of the seven steps seem to be somewhat obvious and agreeable for the type of research we will be doing with the subjects in second life.


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