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Monday, October 09, 2006

in class-- spaceship museum, rome, hotel

the spaceship museum was the first place i went to. it was interesting to see all the different types of rockets and specific planets, etc. it is surprising how in depth people will go to show what they are interested in. i would assume that is what a place such as the museum was made in second life--- to show off what someones knows or really just put out there the wealth of information on a subject. i think its good to have places like this in second life because it makes the gaming more educational. overall, i didnt really enjoy this location that much... i think there was a lot to look at but really not that much to do.
the hotel was a very detailed location. when you first walked into the lobby, the furiture and lighting was all matching and classy. i think it would have been cool if there was an elevator that you could have taken to like a bar on the roof or a pool on the roof or something. there was a bedroom and multiple bathrooms you could walk into. there was also a mock-dining room set up with an array of food laid out. i took a bunch of different food and was offered a beer (by the food...?) but couldn't figure out how to take it. it continues to be strange to me that objects will talk to me... when i was first at the hotel i tried to go on this docked sailboat. when i sat at the helm the boat told me that i was not authorized to use it and that i should try sucking up to the owner in order to use it. It is kind off-putting to have these sort of messages relayed to you through objects you are trying to use. i guess its better than a plain sign or something.
rome was cool because it had so much to it. the arhcitecture and the paintings were particularly interesting. there was a gallery full of paintings of Chrisitianity facets. along with the paintings were explanations of the "rituals" having to do with the religion such as baptism, communion, etc. to be continued...


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