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Friday, October 06, 2006

in class-- female day 2

today, i played the game again as a female character. i went to the water slides, which was actually kind of interesting. it was funny that it was actaully kind of enjoyable to watch. its hard to get out of the pool once you get in though. i also laid down in the sun for a little while and the avatar turns itself over. i saw this guy who was a "centerfold" VIP which i seems kind of odd to lable your character as that type of person or that level of attractiveness--- surprise, surprise he was laying by the pool.
i also played the bongos for a while. that was a good time. its interesting to see the others playing as well. The group of dancing people wa sprobably the most interesting to watch. i did not try to dance but i watched for a little while. the characters have some crazy moves. i dont know how i feel about them earning money for dancing. it seems kind of strange.
i didnt really like the bingo area that we went to at the beginning of class. some woman, not in the class was wearing like this crazy evening gown. so i was looking at her and then she yelled at me to get out of the way. which was kind of awkward for me because is till feel like a vistor to the game and not like someone who is taking it seriously. i didnt say anything back but another student in the class also got yelled at by her as well. some people take this gaming business very seriously.


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