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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

general observations

historical places-- scenery is much more detailed. everything from wildlife and nature to stonework, larger buildings and smaller homes are very aesthetically pleasing. there are less individuals in these places-- often only a few and they appear to be looking at the scenery. for example, Caledon Highlands is realistic to the T. From the changing color of the leaves, to the breeze, the birds crowing, and moss growing between the stones. if characters were not to eneter into your view, the whole area looks as though it could almost be real. it is a very calming location. the only constant noise is what appears to be the sound of the ocean. the interior of the homes are eerily lifelike and appear to be livable... there is everything from electricity to furniture to houseplants and multiple floors. there were no avetars that were animal creatres here... the one other person i saw looked like a regular person-- no out of the oridnary characteristics.
i went to a body shop at a yard sale and it is kind of awkward to see "parts" for sale... free eys, shapes, and other body features.

when i was in the ahern welcome area, there was a great number of people. also, there were a lot more random items kind of strewn about. (see snapshot). there was more banter and general discussion. at one point, someone commented that the graphics were terrible. while i still find these graphics pretty impressive, theyre not as impressive as the ruins of fort caledon. there was awider variety of characters here... some naked, some animals, some demonic looking, and then "the regulars".
while in the Anzere Infohub, there was a small amount of people, probably 20, around the general araes that i went. i didnt notice any unusual activity... just people walking around or sitting in homes. i walked into this very interesting looking building which turned out to be the headquarters for diabolical radio. it was scary inside (see picture).
when i went to the scenic ambat infohub, there was approx 10 people in the same location, which is where you were sent went you first teleported tot he area. three male avetars, who i assume did not know eachother were discussing how to teleport. one of them was wear a boc of budweiser on his head. the genral area is busy and there is a lot going on location-wise-- nothing really matches and there is a good amount of ramndon stuff... like a bubble blower with no one blowing into it. and a carpet display and then there is a singl mountain bike... just around.


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