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Thursday, October 26, 2006

an educational event

i went to a class on how to build a haunted cabana. the woman who was leading it was trying her best to be as detailed as possible. unfortunately, detailed information translated to long, wordy sentences-- that made it seem as though it would take hours to reach the final project.
she had a finished cabana next to her that was purple with ghosts at the top. it was multi-tiered witih benches inside and steps.
i observed others as they began creating their cabanas. everyone began with the large oval shape that would be the foundation. immediately some of the people participating in the class (there were about 15 people) began to stray from what the "teacher" was doing. they changed the color of their cabana, they added more tiers, less open space, etc, etc.
i stayed through the addition of the front steps and then left because it was taking so long to see progress. pictures are up above this... the spherical items on the ground are the foundations of the cabana and the single purple cabana (in a pic of its own) is the finished product.


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