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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


some of the infohubs are a little more impressive than others... for example the bear dream lodge infohub had a pretty cool main building. the rocks and bricks looked real. again, there was a large amount of people in the main teleport area. i came across a group of people who were being paid to sit in some chairs... which is odd and a waste of money. when i asked what they were doing none of them responded. it doesnt even look like they are really playing. how muchf un can that be? it has just occured to me that there are a number of ways to earn money in somewhat dumb ways... like dancing, one day in class a bunch of people were paid simply to dance.
i was at a waterfront location outside of the westport hotel and i decided to ride the water slide. when i reached the pool, someone had thrown a car/kart into the bottom of the pool. so i decided to try and drive it. when i sat down in it, it launched up out of the water and through the air and then i fell back in the pool. the kart then reminded me that i am not the owner.


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