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Thursday, October 05, 2006

changing gender- day 1

i changed my avetar from male to female. it wasn't that difficult of a task but it was kind of odd to try and figure out the proportions and stay away from stereotypes or simply a ridiculous image. It was weird changing the face shape and clothese first because I immediately felt I needed to make my hair longer and work on the shape of the body. Having an avatar looking half male/half female made me slightly uncomfortable.
anyway, walking around I did get a different feel from the game. I began to wonder if male players in the game would talk to me. When I played as a guy it never occurred to me that I would be spoken to becuase of my gender but I get a distinctly different feel when the genders are reversed. I feel as though there are more males playing the game than females so any attractive avatar might get hit on the game. I don't really understand the social standards, especially with so many places being labled mature.
It was odd to have my name still be Brandon but be walking around in female form. I went to this place called South 1 and its run by the South 1 Estates. There were a lot of clothing and furniture stores. I couldn't decide which stores to go in and which pictures on the wall were worth trying to figure out. Am I picking up items for a male or a female? I also went into a baby furniture store and sat down on a bed. There was no one around. I saw maybe five people when I first teleported in and then didn't see anyone else for quite some time. I only saw one pair talking and no one spoke to me.


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