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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

second life, in class

talking to people was fine when we actaully had a subject. it actaully was easier not talking about the questions, just talking baout whatever we were currently noticing or what we expected out of the game. it was somewhat interesting when people from outside the class showed up. you take into consideration what the people look like because you know they aren't from this class and probably aren't college students and may not be from this country. its a somewhat awkward experience interacting with people who are actually in this game for themselves. its one thing to talk to other students, others who are int he game for the same reason... but what is the appropriate way to interact with adults who are in SL? I feel as though they wouldn't be too receptive to interacting with us if they understood that most of us were there purely to observe how they participated within the game.
i feel as though it wasnt too different from intereacting with other students within the classroom. it was somewhat strange not being able to know who the other people are in the classroom who are playing the game. it was hard not to look around the room and try to figure out who else was in my group.
there were two specific "outsiders" who entered into our area. there was a very large robot looking guy who was in all black and a cape. he was talking about building things that peoplein SL would want to buy. he explained to us how to do it. then just before he was leaving he said "flashbang" and there was a huge white explosion. i take that as an insult. ha
the second guy was fromt he UK and seemed somewhat normal. he said he knew people who would play the game for three days straight without sleeping. he said he was 34 and spoke about Manchester United being an overated football (soccer) club. he looked somewhat more "normal" but he had a lot of tatoos and a shaved head. he looked more normal than, lets say, the black robot man/ evil villan looking guy.
i think one of the most interesting things will be the comparison between what people say to you and how people choose to portray themselves. they are often somewhat contrasting-- especially in reference to people who arent in our class.


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