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Thursday, September 14, 2006

observation of a public locale

Location: The Pub
Date: 9/13/06 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:55 PM

field notes:
  • there is a slow but steady flow of people through the area-- serves as a way of passage to the Campus Center
  • small groups and individuals move through the food court
  • there is a small line of people waiting at La Vincita-- they all seem detached
  • there are 2 individuals seated one table apart-- 1 female and 1 male-- both look out the window and are eating.
  • most people are seated in pairs, not eating, but interacting
  • friends of nearly every pair seem to pass through the area, joining the pair breifly
  • most individuals are doing work-- are engulfed by it
  • there are two people on laptops
  • people are occasionally on their cell phones; some individuals have extended convos
  • as people enter the area, they survey the whole room as if expecting to see someone that they know-- most do know someone
  • predominently students-- with the occasional professor or maintenance worker
  • shortly after the hour, there is a rush of students as classes let out
  • groups of friends talk consistently, even if eating
  • unless going to or leaving a table, people do not travel between the table--follow tiled path
  • seems to be an equal amount of males and females
  • tables around the edges of the room are generally always occupied first
  • the tables with only one individual do not really stick out
  • the vending machines are barely used
  • most people who get food do not leave
  • people who are alone tend to sit in La Vincita, which is dimly lit or on the "stage"
  • the majority of people appear to have just come from class or with the intnetion of doing school work
  • most everyone sits, only one or two people are standing and talking to those seated
  • those who are involved in conversations are generally upbeat, those alone are emersed in what they are doing, or are staring off/people watching
personal notes:
  • the atmosphere and set up of the pub allows for the perfect opportunity to people watch and socialize. every student seated spends some amount of time just watching people walk in and out of the area. the continual flow of people allows for friends to bump into one another and have an unexpected meeting. the general decoration of the area also lends itself to the upbeat feeling of the Pub experience. People seem happy when ther are with others here.
  • a group here who should not be overlooked are those who are actually purchasing lunch at almost 3:00PM. Why are they eating so late? Did they have an early lunch or did they simply not have enough time? They could just hate the noon time rush. Studying their reasons for eating so late in the afternoon could be quite interesting.
  • the individuals who are seated alone tend to occupy themselves as fully as possible. I would assume they either do this because they are simply trying to pass time (people watch) or they are bored but don't want to seem it. there is a young woman who is working non-stop and appeared to actually need to get the work done and soon. she almost never looked up.
  • the two individuals seated a table apart from eachother were very interesting to me. I just couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like if that had sat together or spoken-- and why as a whole species we tend to seperate ourselves from eachother, even when we're alone together.
  • i liked seeing how people searched the room for familiar faces as they passed through. They always seemed to do a full scan of the whole area-- their friends could be anywhere and they don't want to miss them. A lot of people end up waving to eachother and smiling without ever stopping.
  • more than anything, the pub is used as a place to socialize when its not during the peak hours for a meal. The people in groups were there simply to talk and just pass time.


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