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Friday, September 15, 2006

in class - second life

I spent the majority of my time changing the appearance of my person. I had a difficult time with the face shape because there were som many different ways to manipulate it and I didn't always understand the difference. I'm not actually sure that my person looks anything like me but maybe the hair color is close. My person kind of looked like me to start with I guess.
I was a little confused in the beginning walking around. To say the least, it caught me off guard when people were naked all of a sudden. I was surprised that I couldn't figure out how to change my eye color. I also wanted to give myself a heavy 5 o'clock shadow but that didn't really work out either.
I think my favorite part of the game was flying. It might be because we can't do that in real life. It was fun to be in the air above the setting. I liked how you could control the angle at which you viewed things.
I wish that more clothes were available at the beginning too.
I didn't walk around the island that much. I know that you can get off it but I was distracted mostly by changing how I looked.
It seems like I could probably play this for hours and the longer I played the more I would learn. I hope that the area you can hang around in is more interesting than the island.


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