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Friday, September 08, 2006

in class: mini-zork

mini-zork is definetly a game. it is odd in that it has no visual aspect to it. i realized quickly though that by commanding the program to look around, it would give you a description of what was around you and what direction you could move. it was frustrating when it wouldn't allow you to move in a given direction.
when i was inside the house I had a difficult time trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. the program certainly hinted at negative aspects... like the dark areas or the door that was nailed shut.
i liked the simplistic nature of things such as picking up the sack that smelled of peppers and eating the lunch or drinking the water from the bottle. it was interesting in that you had to tel the program everything, ie pick up the sack, open the sack, eat the lunch.
the forest was even more confusing because there were multiple paths, some well-lit and others not. when i reached the canyon bottom, i felt like i hit a dead end. i wanted to go into the river that i thought was there but it said i could not swim in the dungeon. i didn't even realize i was in a dungeon.
i am a much more visual person but i see how the non-visual aspect makes this game interesting/different. you have to speak the language of the program and more often than not you are not going to use a word the program doesnt understand. i think when i first saw the screen i was immediatelt turned off. i was never a fan of the old computer programs and entering code to get the computer to do what you want. it reminded me of computer class in like fifth grade where they made us try to understand the code. needless to say that teacher go fired and then next year we were taught word.


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