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Friday, September 01, 2006

in class 9/1/06

today we played pong, space invaders, and pac man. pong was clearly the easiest and required mastering one simple skill, returning the pong ball. Once that was understood, the game becomes somewhat repetative. Space invaders was the most enjoyable probably. With so many aliens to knock out, I found myself trying new methods to hit the red spaceship. Pac man was the most difficult, with the ghosts changing from edible to killer within seconds. It was hard to stop going after the ghosts even when they began flashing as a warning of their regaining power. It was also the most frustrating in that it gave the fewest lives before you had to start over. Also, pong didn't have a clear victory point, where the others others gave more a sense of accomplishment when you completed a certain task. I would say they all qualify as games, its just that space invaders and pac man had more specific "points" to them (measurable points).


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